Chestnut Ridge

Members: Jeanell Branstool: mandolin and vocals; Jim Dunfee: guitar and vocals; Mickey Holback: banjo and vocals; Rex Hackley: dobro; Duane Hardesty: bass; and Peter Streiber: fiddle.

Bio: Chestnut Ridge is a Bluegrass/Gospel group out of the Knox County/central Ohio area. They have been playing for well over 10 years and have a strong following young and old. Their dedication to serving our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is their drive. While they primarily play gospel, they also like to add some traditional bluegrass tunes.  The group has been seen all over Ohio and surrounding states. They have made numerous CD’s and you can find them in many videos on youtube. Their passion and professionalism can be seen as soon as they take the stage.

Website: Find them on Facebook and at