Members: Angie (Guitar, Lead Vocals, Keys); Tore’ (Guitar, Rap, Percussion, BGV); Eric (Drums, Percussion, BGV); and Lana (Bass Guitar).

“WARship … They are Every Bit Battle … They Are Rockin’ The World For Jesus With Passionate Music That Affects The Soul Of Man!”

Bio: How do you describe a band / ministry as diverse as WARship? This band is all over the board musically and their taste in music is as wide as the ocean. So, with that in mind WARship can best be described like this. Take a little rock and roll, mix in some rap, some Power Praise, some blues, some spoken word, some double kick pedal, some tribal drums, and top it all off with passionate worship. Then they start in to the next song; which is another unexpected surprise.

To add to that, WARship is a predominantly female Praise and Worship and Christian Rock and Rap band. They select exciting tunes to cover and share; as well as playing their own “WARship originals”.  WARship believes there is a prophetic sound moving across the land that is calling the body of Christ to a deeper place of worship. The bands hearts desire is to be counted as true worshippers, who play passionately for the Lord. It is important to note that this band sees itself much more as a ministry, and so it is refreshing to know that their mission is to proudly profess the message of the cross, and that there is grace and forgiveness and newness of life to all who will ask. WARship hails from Columbus, Ohio. WARship was honored at The Ohio State Fair by The Ohio Christian Music Association with The 2011 New Horizon Group of the Year Award & The 2013 Pillar Award of Distinction For Outstanding Service in Music Ministry.  The band is currently recording their music at Power Play Recording Studios with Jay Robison; and anticipates release of their debut album, “Seeing Red”, in 2014.The band and ministry is most known for a song that was written from a sermon called, “Bam on the Devil” at Club Ark. This ministry is proud to be birthed out and blessed out and covered by Club Ark Ministries, Inc. Most recently they wrote a song titled “WARship Warrior” which is steadily becoming a WARship Warrior anthem. WARship has written more original music and feels a call from God to birth a sound from heaven that is both powerful and prophetic for this generation. If you have ever witnessed WARship go into tribal drumming, you know that this sound is powerful and anointed. The bands inspirational scripture is:
 “Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands to war, and my fingers to battle.” – Psalm 144:1

WARship desires to serve God through music and take people aboard this WARship and travel so close to God together, that they hear his heartbeats melody and leave feeling INFIRED and INSPIRED by the experience.

Website: www.facebook.com/warshipmusic.